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RoseQuet LoveLetter-Blanket


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Personalize your (Love)Letter with a SuperSoft Flannel Blanket!

  • Make a Super Cute Personalized Letter for a loved one, your partner, son or daughter, Grandmother or Grandfather, Father or Mother! You can use the example text or you can personalize your Text! It will be printed by using state-of-the-art printing technology! Just to keep you warm in this cold days!
  • It doesn't matter which Size you take or Which Text you put on it, with this flannel blanket you can keep him/her warm during the cold winter-evenings and Nights! Perfect for a Binge-Watching day/night or a full afternoon on the couch! You can also take it easily with you for a road-trip or at a camping spot outside! This blanket will go where you go! 
  • We're offering you 4 different sizes to choose from, this way we can provide you a comfortable soft blanket for everyone! From young to old! This is suitable for kids and adults and even for small pets such as cats or dogs . Our biggest size is perfect for 2 adults or for more kids! Just get under, hug it nicely and feel the soft flannel against you, ready to go with you to DreamLand! 

  • Oh My, This blanket will be used and won't stay clean forever! BUT, no worries! This blanket is made out of 100% washable Flannel fabrics of the Highest Quality. It is built to endure! You can put it in the washing machine and even in the dryer! The good thing is that you also don't need to worry about getting the Text washed off! Soft , Warm and Durable


  • We Know that finding the perfect giftis a bit stressful! You want to get a great gift that gives a little extra and you know what? Gifting something that is personalized always works! It just shows that little extra effort that you did! And By The Way, we will keep it a secret that it costed you less then a minute! 


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